Andy Purdy

Keynote Speaker

President, DRA Enterprises, Inc., BigFix Executive Advisory Board

President, DRA Enterprises, Inc., BigFix Executive Advisory Board

Curriculum Vitae

Andy Purdy was a member of White House staff team that helped to draft the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace (2003).  Shortly after its release, Andy went to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and helped to form the National Cyber Security Division and US-CERT, where he worked for three and a half years, the last two as the Acting Director of the NCSD and US-CERT.  He recently completed service on the Defense Science Board Task Force on Mission Impact of Foreign Influence on DoD Software. Andy currently heads DRA Enterprises, Inc., specializing in IT consulting, business development, and government relations (; he is partnered with Secure Anchor Consulting for Cyber Risk Assessment and Mitigation and Echelon One for security intelligence research.   He is a member of the Executive Advisory Board of BigFix, Inc., and Lancope, Inc., and he is a partner with the law firm Allenbaugh Samini, LLP ( Andy is working on several national and international initiatives, including:

  • to create an international cyber R&D conference series to promote information sharing and collaboration to address the cyber risk to the global information infrastructure and the long-term hard problems of cyberspace;
  • to create a university-based, international cyber center to promote IT to the emerging world, CERT/CSIRT capacity building; collection and sharing of data on malicious actors and enablers, and coordination by LE, government, and the private sector to reduce the impact of malicious activity; and 
  • to bring free, online cyber security awareness training to organizations of all sizes.
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