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The 12th Global Information Security Survey – Ernst & Young

The Ernst & Young global information security survey is one of the longest-running and most recognized annual surveys of its kind. Almost 1900 executives from more than 60 countries share their views on new risks and challenges in the field of information security. Read more

Online Games and Virtual Worlds

The main body of this report describes MMOGs/VM risks and others, including privacy risks in MMO's, in-game access-control vulnerabilities, scripting vulnerabilities, denial of service, spam and threats to minors, before making a number of recommendations on how to remedy them. To provide evidence for the report, we conducted a survey of 1500 users of MMO/VWs. The complete results can be viewed at the following link: Read More

Provided by ENISA

ENISA's ten security awareness good practices

This booklet touches upon crucial and important issues of awareness of information and communication technologies (ICT) for organisations. It does so by providing security good practices to focus employees’ attention on information security and allow them to recognise IT security concerns and respond accordingly. Read more

Provided by ENISA


How big is the security market?

We are often asked to assess the size of the security market. This is a difficult question to answer, as estimates will vary depending on the source, what is included, when and how the data was collected. Still, here are some elements that we have gathered from various sources in the security industry. Read more

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Data Masking: Strengthening Data Privacy and Security

Data masking strengthens privacy and security by changing sensitive data while maintaining its integrity. It ensures that the end-user is given only the information that they need to see. Read the full paper.


Information security awareness in financial organisations - Guidelines and case studies

This publication was initially drafted in 2008 and was updated in 2009 with valuable insights from recognised players in the financial institutions arena. The goals of this publication are to explain the importance of information security awareness in financial organisations, to analyse the environment and the business drivers which may impact such programmes, and to provide a communication framework to better organise an awareness initiative. Case studies and recommendations are given as a starting point for awareness-raising professionals and teams. Read more

Provided by ENISA


Enterprises that effectively govern their information technology achieve their IT and business goals more frequently

Enterprises that effectively govern their information technology achieve their IT and business goals more frequently, according to a study of 538 organizations worldwide. Commissioned by ISACA and conducted by the IT Alignment and Governance Research Institute, the study examined the business outcomes of implementing the COBIT and Val IT frameworks. Read More

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Data management solution must satisfy the European Union Data Retention Directive requirements

The first phase of the data retention directive came into force in October 2007 and required telecommunications companies to retain fixed and mobile communications data. Read more

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