This year's event includes the following intensive 90' workshop:

  • Change management: mobilize team and create short term wins
  • Using social intelligence in managing tough project teams and stakeholders 

The art of chhange management: how to mobilize team and create short term wins


Before you start implementing a change in a process or operations, you need first to establish the urgency for change and then build a guiding team. This workshop will examine what you need to know in order to guide this team and empower their actions by creating short term wins.

Learning outcomes

Improve your skills in

  • Communicating change management models
  • Mobilizing action
  • Empowering team for sticking to change and celebrating short term wins


  • Overview of change management principles
  • Working on a case study
  • Planning for short term wins
  • Empowering action
  • Mobilizing for more change
  • Sticking to the change

Workshop facilitator: Dave Adkins, PE, PMP, Director of Technology Group, Partner, Business Management Consultants


Using social intelligence in managing tough project teams and stakeholders


Drawing from the fields of Psychology, Social Sciences, and Business Management, this seminar will identify the skills necessary for successful interaction with team members, clients and stakeholders.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop you will identify and improve your personal effectiveness in how to:

  • Use specific, practical techniques for treating aggression and professional relations’ problems
  • Win the cooperation of your team and clients
  • Project an attitude of generosity and consideration that gets you allies everywhere


Defining social intelligence 

  • Working with multiple intelligences within your team
  • Realizing the benefits of social intelligence

Identifying the key dimensions of social intelligence 

  • Selecting appropriate behavioral strategies
  • Communicating confidence and self-respect
  • Expressing yourself clearly and effectively
  • Getting others to move with and toward instead of away or against

Achieving social intelligence in the workplace 

  • Understanding the social context of project communications
  • Presenting yourself and earning respect
  • Exerting positive influence on others

Workshop facilitator:  Yiannis Petropoulos, Professor, Hellenic American University Inc.

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