Prof. Howard A. Schmidt

Keynote Speaker

President & CEO, Information Security Forum, UK

Curriculum Vitae

Photo of Prof. SchmidtProfessor Howard A. Schmidt is an internationally recognized expert and author on Information Security and Cyber Crime. He has recently been appointed as the first President of the UK based Information Security Forum. He has over 40 years experience in Defense, Law Enforcement, Corporate Security and Academia. He has served as a Special Advisor on Cyber Security to the President of the US, Chief Security Officer for Microsoft Corporation and VP/Chief Information Security Officer for eBay. He has been one of the pioneers in the field of computer forensics and high technology crime investigations. He was the director of the US Air Force Office of Special Investigations Computer Crime and Information Warfare Division. He continues to serve in the US Army reserves as a Special Agent assigned the Computer Crime Investigation Unit of the Criminal Investigations Command. He has been a regular contributor to numerous journals and media outlets worldwide. His book “Patrolling Cyberspace” is a look back at a lifetime of high tech investigations.




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