Costas Ioannou

Workshop Facilitator

CTO and Technical Manager, Inter Engineering

Curriculum Vitae

Costas Ioannou is the CTO and technical manager at Inter Engineering, a company dedicated to Data Security solutions and services. He enjoys an IT background of more than 15 years with extensive practical experience in programming and teaching and over 8 years in IT security as technical support engineer and consultant. His current activities are focused on expansion of technological know-how within Inter Engineering. As a senior engineer Costas remains involved in technical support and consulting corporate IT security solutions and services, as well as R&D and trainings. His expertise covers a.o. anti-malware, content security, firewalls and intrusion prevention, strong authentication and cryptography, without this list being exhaustive. Costas is an electronics engineer graduated from the TEI of Thessaloniki and in possession of numerous certificates for his knowledge on products and technologies.




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