This year's event includes the following intensive 90' workshop:

  • Exploring Agile Project Management methodologies
  • Applying 6 Sigma tools in Project Management 

Exploring Agile Project Management methodologies


Agile methodologies enable the development and delivery of high quality software to customers and have been used with phenomenal success by thousands of companies for both internal applications development and the development of commercial software. Agile methodologies addressed the shortcomings of classical approaches through processes that were relevant to software development. There are many Agile methodologies – Unified Processes (UP), Rational Unified Process (RUP – the IBM suite), Extreme Programming (XP), SCRUM, Crystal Lite, Team Software Process (TSP) etc.  They all have commonalities and differences in the way they approach software development. Some are more process oriented (for example RUP) than others (for example XP) but they also have a commonality – they are customer centric, meaning that they involve the user at all stages of the software development. This presentation will provide an overview of classical, agile and particularly of the RUP framework. It will also deal with the internal and external factors that need to be considered for their successful deployment.

Learning objectives

  • Learn about the background of agile project management methodologies, their values and principles.
  • Understand the key concepts of Iterative Software Development
  • Understand the importance of Risk Driven approach to developing and implementing IS projects
  • Learn about the RUP phases and the core disciplines
  • Understand the advantages of Agile methodologies compared to traditional management methodologies
  • Understand what are the key success drivers of agile approaches

Workshop facilitator: George Merguerian, B.E., MBA, PMP, CEO and Managing Director of Europe and Africa, Senior Partner, Business Management Consultants

Applying 6 Sigma tools in Project Management


6 Sigma is no longer limited to the activities of manufacturing. Successful implementation of 6 Sigma principles in leading organizations around the world has resulted in practical applications and techniques used by Project Managers to reduce non-value costs, enhance productivity and focus, eliminate process deficiencies, and decrease cycle-time.

This fast-paced workshop will provide an overview of selected world class 6 Sigma approaches found useful in planning, controlling, and managing risk in the typical project management environment. The emphasis will be on practical techniques that have high impact.

Learning outcomes

  • Discuss quality approaches within the project environment
  • Explore the basics of the Six Sigma methodology
  • Examples on successful deployment of Six Sigma
  • Explore DMAIC methods and tools applied to projects
  • Receive illustrations and guidance through take-home applications

Workshop facilitator: Bob Gibson, PMP, Director-Integration, Cooper Power Systems, Cooper Industries Inc.

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